2014 Mini Cooper Hardtop And Mini Cooper Clubman

new mini coopers
2014 mini coopers mini gas is one of the first launched in the United States. Of the Ontario-based research in motion which sells firs  and after ten years later, the gas was two times more expensive than usual. Because  of the third generation of all this raises a lot of questions about  gas mileage or […]

Luxury car Mercedes Benz ML350 2014 in the world

mercedes ml350 specs
Age is more advanced and modern thanks to technology that is increasingly made us to live to follow suit and make the times we have to open our eyes to tekhologi. Now widely available wide range of the best cars in the world one of which is a mercedes benz ML350 car 2014 Car of […]

Take A Deeper Thought Into 2015 Dodge Barracuda Interior And Price

barracuda concept car
As the information about 2015 dodge barracuda price keeps rising, people still wonder about the changes that will happen to the new barracuda. However, unofficial information states that the price will be about $ 55,000 to $ 60,000. It is considered as expensive car. However, the price will be reasonable if we take a deep look […]

What’s New From 2015 Dodge Barracuda?

2015 dodge barracuda
2015 dodge barracuda has been the talk of the town since the rumors of its getting changed spreading out all over the world. Barracuda that has been regarded as one of the most favorite cars is rumored to replace Challenger. However, rumor is just a rumor. It spreads easily like a wind blows. Barracuda upgraded elements […]

Chrysler Barracuda 2015, A New Really Convertible Car

new chrysler cuda
Buying the barracuda chrysler actually is not the wrong choice. There are some advantages that are able to get from this car starting from elegant design, powerful suspension even till the low fuel efficiency. Having this car for some people is a dreaming even there are many people who have this car is wealth people. […]

2014 Chrysler Barracuda, A New Complete Platform

chrysler cuda 2014
These days, the emergence of chrysler barracuda 2014 has given the new technology of car which is offered in the market. We know that this car is very popular this year where there are many people who have and buy this car. It is good for you to know this car for then comparing with […]

Chrysler Barracuda 2015, A Futuristic Muscle Car Concept

new srt barracuda
Having a muscle car is the most people’s desire especially for they who are going to buy the chrysler barracuda. This is the popular car which is used by many drivers in all around the world because of some reason certainly. As the time went on, the development of car including for this one also […]

The Awaited Jeep Concept Vehicles: 2014 Grand Cherokee Release Date

2014 grand cherokee release date
Are you waiting for grand cheeroke release date in 2014? Didn’t you know when jeep cherokee release? As we know that it has been three years since Jeep updated the Grand Cherokee uniquely. It delivers a refined flagship along with the style and substance constructed on a chassis that is shared in large part with […]

Latest Edition: 2015 Jeep Wagoneer

wagoneer jeep
Are you so impatient waiting for advanced jeep wagoneer? Undeniably everyone who has passion in sporty car must wait for the upcoming 2015 jeep wagoneer. The wagoneer is pioneer of sport car supporting for off-road driving. In terms, there are people eagerly waiting for the current development of jeep wagoneer—especially for those who are enthusiastic […]